The Theocrats are at it Again.

Yes, theocracy-determined Americans are at it in full force.  After the 2010 elections we were informed that the drive for a theocracy was waning. Don’t you believe it!  As a member of (AU) I can assure you that the theocrats never quit.  In the AU publication Church & State, November 2011 issue, Rob Boston gave “a personal perspective on the recent “Value Voters Summit” sponsored by the Family Research Council and other Religious Right groups.”  The “Value Voters Summit” was held October 7-8, 2011 at the Washington, DC Omni Shoreham Hotel–its sixth annual gathering of about 3,000 this year.

Boston is a “veteran observer”; he “knew what to expect”, he said.  “The same litany of speakers stuck to a tried-and-true script: God is not happy.  The fate of the nation (and indeed the entirety of Western Civilization) hangs in the balance. Faith and family are under attack. And above all, you absolutely must vote for the GOP in 2012.”

These are not new dictates from the Religious Right.  In my book Democracy vs. : The President and the Senate Will Decide YOUR FUTURE, I expose the Christian Coalition, the Moral Majority and people within the Values Voter Summit for the bigotry they spread– the lies they tell–and the plans to take over this country…state by state…if they are not able to take over the whole Federal government in one fell swoop.

I agree with Rob Boston when he wrote, “The steady drumbeat of the attacks on President Barack Obama and other Democratic leaders are mixed with denunciations of same-sex marriage, legal abortion, public schools, secular government, ‘Obamacare’, the United Nations, social programs and other bugbears of the Religious Right.” And on into ad nauseum if it weren’t so serious; if it weren’t so dangerous to all Americans.

Whenever someone from the Religious Right speaks out, he or she “indicts the president for many crimes,” as Boston continued, “chief among them for failing to provide jobs, adding to the national debt, passing health care reform, refusing to defend the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in court and apologizing for America overseas (which he never did, by the way).”

It’s sickening to me that people can get up in front of an audience and say such incendiary speech.  It is their right to speak out, with some restrictions, of course.  And, I will defend their right to speak out under the First Amendment.  I also reserve my right to speak out against them.  Some people call them “spin-stirs”–taking a sentence or person and turning it around…spinning…whatever they can about the person or subject.  The term “culture wars”–pitting Americans of one economic level against another economic level–is a new term coined by Republicans to use against Democrats…a spin.

What really distresses me is how “Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Ohio) and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R- VA) offered nearly interchangeable diatribes about the dangers of Big Government and over-regulation peppered with vows of fealty to the goals of the Religious Right.”  Gasp!!  The Founders of the United States of America would find this language treasonous or at the least seditionist. They didn’t even mention God in the Constitution!

I remind the Religious Right that this IS a secular government by the Constitution–if YOU don’t like it, then you should leave America!

My charge to you, Dear Reader: Register to vote if you haven’t.  And get involved to see and hear what is being said and who is saying it.  Where do YOU stand about these subjects the Values Voters Summit attendees insist on ranting about year after year?

Next year?  Vote in those primaries and vote in November 2012!  YOUR FUTURE depends on it.  If Republicans take over the Congress and the Presidency…we will have a theocracy before we know it.  We almost did– under George W. Bush.

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Democracy vs. Theocracy

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