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Did Your Candidates Win?

In several of my posts I’ve challenged you, the voter, to ask the tough questions to help you decide for whom to vote.  THEN, I said: VOTE!  So, did your candidates win?  On what criteria did you decide the candidates were worthy of your vote?  Was it about school vouchers, or abortion rights, or equal marriage rights for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered citizens or ending the war in Afghanistan and bringing the remaining military home from both Iraq and Afghanistan?  Was it the economy–you need your job back, or need to find a new one, or pay your necessary bills, or pay your mortgage or rent, or to help send your children to college?  All of these are so important to living as you used to live just ten years ago or five years ago.  So, what does the recent election mean to you? Are you watching the pundits and the talking-heads, the commentators who spew out hate, or your favorite sports teams?  Don’t get me wrong, but sports teams won’t help you get that job or send your children to school, will they?  What do we do now about our country’s future–YOUR future?  OR: Do you care anymore?  Are you going to stay in touch with your candidates and hold them to their promises?

In a democracy such as the USA’s, if you noticed, there were no riots, no trashing of neighborhoods and stores, no burning of automobiles and horrible things like these.  Most of us Americans pride ourselves on being civil and practicing good social and honorable actions after elections.  It hasn’t always been that way.  In fact,  not too many years ago (1960’s) Americans rioted in the streets of major cities over civil rights for people of color–Americans whose skin color is not light or “white”.  We have ignored the word civil quite often in the past 234 years. History tells us to pay attention, but we don’t seem to listen.  We suffered through The Civil War and decades afterward. We suffered through two world wars and two other major wars in the last century (Korea and Vietnam). In this century we are still mired in two countries (Afghanistan and Iraq) and looking to stay out of a third country (Iran)!

My point in talking about civility is that we Americans have lost quite a bit of our “good social and honorable actions” toward each other.  Have you noticed this– especially in this last election?   There were so many lies told by and about the “other” candidate–and all candidates’ campaigns did lie at some time.  So that means we have elected a bunch of liars, right?  Are you surprised to know this?

“NOW WHAT?” was the headline in the USA TODAY newspaper on November 3, 2010–the morning after the mid-term elections. I looked at that headline.  Yes–now what?  We won’t know “what” until the new Congress takes their seats in January.  The group who is there now is referred to as “lame duck” because it can only do a little toward completing bills and trying to put some things to law before the next Congress takes over.  The House of Representatives will have more Republican seats than Democrats, but the Senate remains with more Democrat seats.  The control of both houses is now split between the two parties with a few Independents thrown in.  The Tea Party members actually are Republicans in name.  They did not overwhelmingly “take over”; however, their views and demands may or may not be acknowledged as the Tea Party members had hoped.  The next Congress–the 112th in our history–will face many challenges; some from within their own parties.  Stay alert!

Will the Health Care Reform Act be repealed or modified?  Will President Obama have to come out swinging as no other president has had to do since Richard Nixon?  Will he have to stop being “Mr. Nice Guy” as so many of us wanted him to this past year?  Or will he find that the promises he made in 2008 cannot be honored at any time soon–if at all?  Will he be a one-term president as Senator Mitch McConnell would like him to be and says so quite frequently?

Will your candidates honor the promises they made to you?  Don’t let them off the hook!  You stay after them. You know their websites and their office phone numbers and e-mail addresses?  If not– find them out and stay on their backs.  Representatives in the House have 2 years until the next election.  And one of your senators will be up for re-election in 2012 or 2014.  Pay attention–especially to how the Health Care Reform Act is gutted…!  Will women be marginalized in their health care needs?  It IS up to YOU!

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