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A Troubling Decision by the Kentucky Court of Appeals

Americans United for Separation of Church and State (AU) reported in its publication Church & State (December 2011 issue, page 3) that the “ Kentucky state government is permitted to give official credit for its homeland security to Almighty God, thanks to a split decision by a three-judge court of appeals panel.”  What does this mean to you, a U.S. citizen?

This curious decision about God defending our homeland was explained by AU: “In 2009, Franklin Circuit Court Judge Thomas Wingate held that legislation giving credit to God for the state’s security was a case of the government taking an official position on God.  The majority of the Kentucky Court of Appeals didn’t agree, however.” [Italics are mine, not AU’s.]

“On Oct. 28 (2011) Judge Laurence B. VanMeter wrote in the majority opinion, ‘The legislation merely pays lip service to a commonly held belief in the puissance of God.” [Meaning: powerful or mighty.]  “The legislation complained of here does not seek to advance religion, nor does it have the effect of advancing religion, but instead seeks to recognize the historical reliance on God for protection.”

“Dissenting Judge Ann O’Malley Shake wrote that the lower court’s ruling was correct and that this legislation requires the Homeland Security director to stress ‘to the public that dependence on God is vital.’”

The attorney who represented the plaintiffs in this case, Edwin Kagin, “said he was ‘a little stunned’ by the decision, according to the article in the Louisville Courier-Journal.”  Kagin (national legal director of American Atheists) called this decision a “move toward theocracy”.  AU closed its report with this: “[Kagin] surmised that friend-of-the-court briefs filed by almost all of Kentucky’s legislators played a role in the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security v. Christerson decision.

So, what does this decision mean to you?  In my opinion, the State of Kentucky’s legislature is comprised of people who are bent on making the United States of America a Christian theocracy.  Period.  No more democracy….  Only one religion making the rules and the decisions by which we will all have to abide and obey.   Are you ready for that?   If you are not of the ruling religion’s membership then you are a heretic.  Yes.  That awful, fear-filled word that put millions to death by tortures of all insidious means and finally burning alive the unrepentant but well-meaning unbeliever.

Check out American history—we did torture, hang, and burn alive many human beings in the name of whatever religion was in power at the time.  For your own sake, not God’s, wake up America!  It could happen again!  Historical proof is there in colonial court decisions!  There is a move afoot to take America  back–but to where???

Are you registered to vote in the upcoming primaries?  Make certain you abide by all the rules of your state—picture ID?  Get one!  Do you need proof of residence or citizenship?  Have it ready!

The Presidential election on November 6, 2012 is crucial.  The election of the House of Representatives and U.S. Senators from your state are equally important!  The Senate votes to affirm the nominees to the U.S. Supreme Court.  Who are your senators?  Who is your representative in the House?  Tune in—not out!




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Democracy vs. Theocracy

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