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Will America be a Theocracy?

With only twenty-one days to go until Election Day November 6th 2012, Americans are evenly split over which man will take the oath of office on January 20, 2013.  Yes, believe it or not, polls and pundits seem to have both President Barack Obama and former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney in what is referred to as a “dead heat”.  How about you? Did you register to vote? We certainly hope so—and do you plan to vote? We need you to honor your right as an American citizen and cast your vote.  Have you done your homework?  Do you know what each candidate offers you for the next four years?

Let’s take a look at both of them. The President has accomplished so much: the most challenging to his administration and the Democratic-led Congress, the Affordable Care Act—about which he likes the nickname “Obama Care” given the law in a scoffing and put-down attitude and called that by most Republicans.  “Because I do care”, the President says. Even though the mandate to purchase health insurance caused the whole Act to be challenged in the U.S. Supreme Court, the signed-into-law was found to be constitutional. The law provides assistance to those who cannot afford even the lowest of premiums under that mandate.

Already, parents enjoy providing health care coverage for their children until age 26. And those individuals with pre-existing health conditions must be covered by all insurance companies. Most benefits will kick-in in 2014. This is a little-known deal made with insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and other members of the healthcare industry in order to give them access to the companies’ insured.  Most insurance companies have raised their rates in anticipation of the full benefits and law provisions. That resulted in added bills to Americans at a time when the unemployed and therefore uninsured work force is staggeringly high. In my opinion it was downright mean and greedy.  Yes, it does take time to set-up a healthcare system for everyone, so that does give a plausible explanation for the delay until 2014.

Former Gov. Romney, on the other hand, has sworn “to repeal Obama Care on Day One.”  Maybe this is not an important issue to you?  Mr. Romney has since qualified his statement in debates and interviews on television.  “I will provide for the pre-existing conditions as well”…except…they would have had to have had insurance coverage for the conditions before the law became effective. Obama said: “No one can be excluded even if he or she or the children have had those conditions before the law became effective.

So there is a difference on just that one issue. I guarantee you there will be many more differences which will cost Americans dearly if Romney is elected—and not just in the pocketbook!

My second point is this: Religion has been introduced again and again into political talk in the last 12 years. Why? Because the Religious Right has seen to it that it is an issue.  NOWHERE in the U.S. Constitution does it say religion should be considered in choosing a president.  In fact, see this: Article VI, the last sentence: “…but no religious Test shall ever be required as Qualifications to any Office or Public Trust under the United States.”

In my book I have stated again and again how much America is sliding into becoming a theocracy.  The Constitution is not a religious document—it is a secular document!  And I thank God for that!  I thank God that the founders had the foresight to eliminate the possibility of tyranny from religious dogma which they suffered under the hands of King George of England and the Anglican Church. Don’t believe me—go check it out for yourself!  It is not too late!

Gov. Romney has been a hypocrite in his campaigns to become President of the United Sates: both in his efforts to deny his own successful Health Care for All in Massachusetts and in his courting the Religious Right to get him elected. Do you need any other reasons?  Are you a woman?  Health care benefits for you will be curtailed—if not eliminated—under “Romney’s Rule”.  And rule he will. I hope you witnessed his behavior in the second debate.  He was “in charge”—downright rude to the President and I took offense as a woman and voter. I was glad the President stood up to him. The President stood up for us.  Now—go do your homework and discern for yourself who meets your needs and goals. The economy is recovering and will continue to recover under Obama if the Congress will work with him. I am not confident that under Romney the middle class will recover—at all.

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Democracy vs. Theocracy

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