Religion, Politics and the First Amendment

Everyone claims the First Amendment for his or her own purpose.  Former Senator from Pennsylvania Rick Santorum, who is running for the nomination by the Republican Party this year for President of the United States, warns of President Obama’s attack on religion, particularly the Christian faith.  Santorum ignores the fact that Obama is a Christian and that the U.S. Constitution is a secular document–as sacred to most Americans as any other religious book or document can be to religious folk.  The laws in this country are for everyone.  What is happening lately, since the famous Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade forty years ago, people who do not agree with a woman’s right to choose have been attempting to undermine that right at the state level.  They cite States Rights.

With the recent Affordable Health Care Act, dubbed “Obamacare”, there are issues surfacing about the rights of religious institutions regarding insurance coverage of contraceptives for persons who are not of the faith of that institution but are employed by them.  The interesting part of this discussion is that there are states who managed to get around that objection, namely Hawaii and Wisconsin.  So, I ask:  is this a ploy to make religious folk think that President Obama is against them and their religion, particularly their faith concepts regarding birth control?

With Rick Santorum in an almost dead heat with Mitt Romney in recent primary elections and caucuses, who do you think should be the Republican nominee?

Trashing women and women’s rights is becoming the norm listening to how attacked Sandra Fluke, a college student majoring in law.  Weren’t you shocked when not one Republican spoke out against Rush –for days–they just attempted to distance themselves from him?  Is there no valor or chivalry or civility left among any Republicans? Is this Free Speech or something else?

I invite your comments!

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Democracy vs. Theocracy

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