Occupy Wall Street–Free Speech at Last!

Dateline: October 8, 2011.  The First Amendment guarantees free speech and peaceful assembly.  I give thanks to the founders of this country for their foresight and determination in establishing the right to free speech.  I give thanks to those men who guaranteed the freedom to assemble in a park—a park not owned by a municipality in this case, but is privately owned.  The owners have not thrown out the protesters to what they perceive as corporate greed or misdirected financial prowess; the owners have let them stay.

The group is finally organized and will finally make their case before the court of public opinion.  May they have the persistence to carry their messages across the country!  In the shadow of the great buildings which are monuments to America’s management of wealth, these very determined out-of-work patriots are walking in the footsteps of Thomas Paine who wrote Civil Disobedience and The Rights of Man to encourage the colonists to rise to fight oppression from the English King George and the English Parliament.

President Obama and the Democrats should get behind these patriots and push the Republican House of Representatives and the Democratic-majority-led Senate to pass the Jobs bill and to make the necessary tax reform in order to bring in more revenue!  It is a modern term—“no-brainer”!  Yes—a “no-brainer” that we should have the unemployment rate at 9% and a stagnant economy.

These young Americans and their allies—we senior citizens—should be the next wave to set this country straight and on the road to recovery!  Go “Occupy Wall Street” and go “Occupy Baltimore, San Francisco, and Chicago”!

And after this effort to raise awareness to the plight of the “99%”, go back and register to vote if you haven’t already.  Get involved in 2012 and campaign for your rights!  They have been trampled on by people who haven’t cared about you or me.  We are the other Americans who strived to make this country as great as it was in the last century– greater in this century!  So may it be.


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