Going Back in Time to Vote

After watching the rallies around the country and gathering as much information as I can about what Americans want from our Federal government, I have this question:  If the solution to our stated problems is to “take our country back”, that is what some members of the Tea Party movement say they want to do, then how far back will we go?  

Think about it:  At the time of our revolution and the war to declare our separation from Great Britain, who was in charge of the whole drive for independence?   Answer: Free white men.  Only.  No women, no slaves, no indentured servants.  So how far back will we go?   To what place in time is it that these very honorable and well-meaning Americans, who refer to themselves as patriots, want to take us?  I consider myself a patriot, do you consider yourself a patriot?   But I don’t want to go back in time. 

My ancestors and other Americans fought too hard to give me the rights and benefits I have.  The right to vote is a big right to me.  I humbly appreciate their sacrifices.  Many gave their lives for me to be free, to be able to publish my book and write this blog.   I am eternally grateful!

I like having the right to vote–I’m a woman.  Women have had the vote since August 18, 1920 when the Nineteenth Amendment was ratified.   If you are of any race or color other than white, the Fifteenth Amendment means you have the right to vote.   It was ratified on February 3, 1870.  To our horror, when we research the history of voting in the USA  we find it is frought with injustices against people other than white PLUS poor white people:  poll taxes, literacy tests, and worst of all– murders.   Voting was controlled by those in power in locales within states until the Civil Rights movements of the last century exposed these immoralities.  And some of those who perpetrated the injustices hid behind religion to keep others from voting–like the Ku Klux Klan.

So, I again ask the question…where will we be in time, and what kind of country will we have as a result if those who want to “take our country back” get their way?

If you are not yet registered to vote in your state, do so now. If you missed your state’s primary election, get busy and find out who is running for what offices and what do they stand for?  ASK the questions NOW! 

Candidates forums will be taking place in September and October for citizens to ask questions of the people who want to represent you and me.  It is time for you to step up and find out where the candidates want to take us.  Is it backward in time to benefit some of us or forward to benefit everyone?  IT IS UP TO YOU!!!

Democracy vs. Theocracy

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