First Amendment Right Violated at Sikh Temple

Dateline, August 5, 2012, Oak Creek, Wisconsin: Again, Americans’ rights to worship as they want to have been violated.  What are the underlying reasons for shooting other Americans who are worshiping in the way they are allowed to worship by the U.S. Constitution?  As we write this, at least one unknown gunman is holding at least 20 people hostage at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin.  Children—American children—are in there. Hostages are texting out to tell others NOT to text back or call so as not to give away their hiding positions. It is a tense, fluid situation!

It began at 10:25 a.m. CDT.  One officer was shot and is at an area hospital and is expected to survive.  One suspect was shot and “is down”.  Both persons were outside of the building when they confronted each other.  After more than four hours the news came to us that seven persons were killed.  Four people were shot and killed in the building.  Three were killed outside: one was the gunman.  At 1:55 p.m. CDT it is still unknown if there are other gunmen.

“A white male, possibly balding…” is the partial description of one suspect.  We will learn later who and what and why.  What is the motive to shoot people?  We don’t know right now.  While the CNN “Breaking News” continues, Americans again are forced to confront the violence in our nation: a massacre occurred at Aurora, Colorado a couple of weeks ago at a movie theater.  A different situation, yes.  But the fact is it is another violation of Americans’ rights to freedoms we haven’t felt were in danger since 2001: freedom from fear, from being attacked, from being murdered.

When will it stop?  WHEN will we learn to live together under the freedoms guaranteed to all of us?  Perhaps this latest shooting in a religious place will show us that so-called God-fearing ideologies that tolerate or promote hate are at the basis of many massacres.  If it is not “religion-sponsored”, it is driven by rhetoric that teaches hate—that encourages violence.  It is driven by concepts that say these people do not look like me.  Their skin is brown; perhaps they came from another country as immigrants.  We don’t as yet know, but the photos show “Indian-looking” folks—those from the largest democratic country on the globe: India.

The Sikh religion is a peaceful faith.  They do not teach heated and hate-filled rhetoric. THEY preach love and acceptance.  THEY do not state that they are the only ones correct in their beliefs as some other religious denominations do.  They do not believe that way.

If am wrong on these points, I will say so.  Please pay attention to what is happening to our freedoms in this country.  Learn who is teaching hate—and get involved!  YOU have the power of the ballot—ask the questions of your Congressional representatives and Senators in your state.  You may have someone up for re-election.  Challenge that person!  It is far past the time of ignoring these events.  Help America survive this horrible trend to violence as the solution to someone’s Democracy vs. Theocracyproblems!  Speak out!


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Democracy vs. Theocracy

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