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Theocracy is the Aim in this Birth Control Issue

Dateline: March 23, 2012. The underlying issue in this whole national election discussion of birth control is the road to making America a Christian theocracy. Think about this. How old are you? When have you heard a discussion like this in your lifetime?  If you were born in the 1960’s, by the time you came of age “the pill” was acceptable and safe if used as directed, but not always available all over the country. If you were born in the 1980’s, the pill was readily available from most doctors—those who chose to prescribe it for birth control. The pill also is used to regulate menstrual periods and sometimes as a relief from pain and cramps. But there was not the discussion we are having today—mostly because the communications network was not as it is today.  “Instant” everything—news coverage about war, riots, and now birth control.  We Americans thought we had this discussion 40 years ago!

In the Washington Post (3/20/12): the article “Rick Santorum has embraced Spanish priest behind devout Catholic group Opus Dei” by Stephanie McCrummen and Jerry Markon (published 3/19/12) is an excellent portrayal of what a President Santorum might try to embrace for you and all Americans.  It is very scary to the founders…you hear them rolling over in their graves?  It should be very scary to all women citizens and their daughters.  It should be on the radar for the next election, too. Where are the thinking Republicans? They abdicated their once-strong position of being for all the people. Have you heard any one of them speak out?  Of course, not, but they should!

When the founders crafted our Constitution, there was no published talk of contraception or birth control. “Birth Control’ is a 20th century term—not 19th century or before then.  If any physicians spoke of it, or women ached for it, nothing about it was published for the general population. Having babies was the normal route for a girl baby when she would mature to age 13 or 14 wherever she lived, whatever culture she was born into. All over the world girls and women died in childbirth from unsanitary conditions, complications of birthing and having too many pregnancies. And they are still dying.

To quote McCrummen and Markon about Rick Santorum and his beliefs: “In January 2002, prominent Catholics from around the world gathered in Rome to celebrate the Spanish priest who founded one of the church’s most conservative and devout groups, Opus Dei.  The event drew cardinals, bishops and other powerful Vatican officials.  And among those invited to speak was a future presidential candidate: Rick Santorum, whose faith had become so essential to his politics that on federal documents he listed the trip, paid for by Opus Dei foundation, as part of his official duties as a U.S. senator from Pennsylvania.”

“…as part of his official duties as a U.S. senator…”!  What??  WHERE in the U.S. Constitution does it say that?  NOWHERE!  Perhaps this is one of the reasons Santorum was not returned to his Pennsylvania senatorial position?  Why wasn’t this published before?  We are very grateful the word is out now.

Wake up, Voters!  If you are not a voter, then get registered to vote and get involved. The United States of America cannot be allowed to morph into a theocracy—of any religion. Women’s lives are at stake. Educate yourself on this issue—It is spelled out in my book. It is a MAIN issue this year.  It is YOUR FUTURE at stake in November!


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Democracy vs. Theocracy

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