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Who Wins If Obama Loses?

Chris Matthews of MSNBC’s “Hardball” asked that question on July 25, 2012.  Matthews is a moderate, I would say.  However, he can play hardball with any guest and comment on any subject as the polished journalist he is.  Yes, I admire Matthews.  I admire his candor with his “Let Me Finish” segment.  In answer to the question he posed, he said these are the groups who stand to win:

First, the Military and the Neocons because 1% of the nation’s young people serve, and they are from the middle class and the poor. The draft is not in use; volunteers fill the need at the present time. So, from the point of view of sacrifice, it is not a shared sacrifice as in the previous wars. Yes, the military does offer education, training in necessary skill sets. However, the middle class and the poorer young people see the promised opportunities in the armed forces and so they enlist. It makes sense; a roof over your head, three meals a day and education. These young men and women also fill the National Guard slots and then are sent to fight overseas. That is not the mission for the National Guard members, is it?

The second group Matthews listed was Grover Norquist and the “1% Rich”.  Well, Norquist is not a group, but he evidently wields much power over the Republicans—made them sign a pledge to not raise taxes on the rich!  Who was the last person in history you can recall making someone sign a pledge for anything?  Oh, yes, when a person joins our own military—to uphold the Constitution and physically fight for our country.  Hmmm…

Third is the Religious Right. Matthews is a Catholic by choice.  After espousing that, he forecasted a “very draconian social agenda” through continuing to gut Roe v. Wade and get rid of Planned Parenthood. He called for contraception use. He was very brave to say it on camera. John Kerry, also a Catholic, was threatened with being denied communion when he ran for president in 2004 for his pro-choice stance. He is a Democrat and 180 degrees from his church’s dogma.

The fourth group is Polluters.  Matthews quoted candidate for the U.S. presidency Mitt Romney: “We don’t know what’s causing climate change”.  Obviously, he doesn’t read anything from the world scientists’ reports in America’s Science or the UK’s Nature—two distinguished and well–respected world journals. Is he lying to us?  Perhaps it is the politics of the issue?  He’d rather side with the polluters, the religious right, Grover Norquist, and the neocons?

Okay.  Romney’s choices.  So—where are you in the political scene?  Have you registered to vote?  Do you live in one of the states who are denying voter registration unless you prove your citizenship with a photo ID or something else that is acceptable to your state?

Get involved now—there are 100 days to go until the November 6th election!  Read what is being said by many sources—do you agree with the situations or circumstances in this country, such as the economy and the loss of jobs to overseas countries?  WHAT is your point of view?


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Democracy vs. Theocracy

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