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The General Election is on Tuesday, November 2, 2010.  Did you register in time to vote in your state’s election?   Will you get an absentee ballot or will you vote in person?   Do you know who the candidates are for all the open offices in your community, in your state and the Federal Senators and your Representative from the House in your district?

I ask these questions because many folks are planning to sit this one out.  “Sit this one out”?  What does that mean?  I haven’t “sat one out” since  I was of legal age to vote in 1960!  I told you I was an older person, didn’t I?  Did I tell you how many people I know, mostly men, who went to war to fight for our country’s principles and rights?  Some didn’t come back, and those who did make certain THEY vote in every election.  THEY know how important it is to exercise this right because too many people in the world do not have this right the same way we do.   Some can only vote for the dictator…there are no competitors–no opposition.

I’ve heard some folks say they are disgusted with the people in the Congress–both houses–and/or the president.  So they are  “not interested ” in this election.  Okay–let’s discuss this. So who IS interested?  The people who plan to take us back to the last century, that’s who!  The people who speak the loudest and challenge the new health care reform act and voice opposition to the money used for stimulating the economy, and those who often spew hate–that’s WHO! 

EVERYONE has the right to have a dissenting opinion, yes.  THAT is what I agree with.  What I don’t agree with is wanting to deny folks who have pre-existing health conditions from getting insurance at an affordable rate and from getting it at all– often children and older people.   Why would someone want to deny health care to anyone?  We are finally seeing the affordability issue realized and some folks want to take it away.  This I don’t understand.  Don’t they know anyone who has a pre-existing condition?  How about a disabled person?  THAT’s a pre-existing condition, isn’t it?   There IS more to the story of wanting to repeal the health care reform act.  What is it–can you tell me?

Why do some people want to  see other people suffer–those without a job or a decent place to live?  Who are these people?   Are all the Tea-Party members those who would deny their neighbers a hand-up?   I doubt it, but it seems that way from all reports I see and read. I’m not talking about a hand-out–just equal footing in order to live.  Has your job been outsourced or has a family member’s job been shipped somewhere else?  Then you know what I am talking about.

And-what about President Obama?  Why do some people want him to fail in his pursuit for equal footing for all of us Americans?  Are these people selfish or what? 

My book talks about the chance of a theocracy in this century.  For over 40 years there have been people in this country–Americans I am sad to tell you–who want to create a Christian theocracy.  they admit and brag about it–I quote them.  They claim we are a Christian nation.  In some of my other  posts I have told you that we were not founded  as a Christian nation–especailly not like the one some folks tell us we were!

In this election–in the next 4 weeks –you will hear much to do about who is a Christian and who isn’t; who believes in evolution and who doesn’t; who will return us to the good old days gone by.  I say…please will you listen to what they say and ask them to what days gone by will they take us? 

The founders were very specific about who was in charge: white men.  NO women, NO slaves, NOT indentured servants.  PLEASE!  Do your homework!  Get out there, ask the questions, and vote for American’s future in the 21st century where ALL of us can share in the pursuit of happiness.   We cannot go backward in time.  DON’T sit this one out!

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Democracy vs. Theocracy

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